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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dial up Internet Connection

Most of you don't remember but, this was a way back method of internet connection before broadband came in and now fiber-optic. This is the method that when you had to go to internet it will dial up a number, keep you waiting and then connect, sometimes it fails sometimes it is perfect. The Pain in the ass comes in when now you are downloading something and you have to keep time, This is the time you say F**k off and get out of the Cyber cafe as your money is getting finished.

As this technology is being faced off, other remote areas are still using it and its because this Safaricom, Orange Modems( I hate them to love them to use) can not give good reception there..Even making moblie phone calls you have to be in a raised area or climb up a tree before calling your ngwashes..., say areas like Tsvao East National Park where i was yesterday setting up a dial up Internet connection. Apparently the K.W.S refused to give rights to Network providers to Install a Network Tower, Reason- It will interfere with nature. An Elephant may start to adopt Lions, while lions will start making babies with Impalas.Lol! Therefore when you go to this places make sure whoever wants to reach you tell them in advance you are in Kenya Afghanistan...By the way, its a nice cool, nature environment to escape to, clear your head, Enjoy Game drivers and get to see Wild Animals in close range and Plus the food, you don't wanna make you hungry.

iTkenya did his part but unfortunately the computer there didn't have a modem card, near Town areas lack this things and in M.S.A same stories, now i have to order in Nairobi and a process that could have taken 30 Min is gonna take 2 days..

Let me relax, switch off my Laptop and enjoy the Lions Roar behind my camp Tent...

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