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Friday, April 30, 2010

UUNET Vs Accesskenya

There are the big heads in providing Kenya with internet connectivity, Accesskenya is more wider, it has home and corporate internet connection, on the other hand UUNET deals with corporate connection only.. Both speeds given and package is too hot, right now UUNET has an offer where by it installs you internet at Ksh45,000/- and you don't have to pay the usual ksh160,000/-, installation fee. That will give u a 1MB internet speed, fast enough to do your downloads and video streaming, plus did i mention they are in conjunction with Sony and they do supply Video Conferencing facilities, with the talk i had with James Mutunga, account Manager, it sounded a good deal and suitable for companies who communication is the key role..Accesskenya is ksh 55,000/- per month, and installation cost well almost the same as UUNET,

what makes the difference is, UUNET Equipments i hear( i haven't tasted them..want to) are more powerful than Accesskenya and they are not affected by weather changes, global cable maintenance.. the connection is strong and doesn't break that easily and if it does you wont notice. To achieve this, they had to stay with corporate clients so as to be able to attend them..Accesskenya equipments get affected by this changes and plus there service is a bit slow.. Good thing about them is if you have good PR with there support desk, then you wont have trouble being sorted out with desktop support. Also they go down to the roots and support home internet connection and corporate connection even to small firms, hence large market to handle.

So who is the best, I guess it depends with you needs

Enjoy you weekend, let me UUNET Mine.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dial up Internet Connection

Most of you don't remember but, this was a way back method of internet connection before broadband came in and now fiber-optic. This is the method that when you had to go to internet it will dial up a number, keep you waiting and then connect, sometimes it fails sometimes it is perfect. The Pain in the ass comes in when now you are downloading something and you have to keep time, This is the time you say F**k off and get out of the Cyber cafe as your money is getting finished.

As this technology is being faced off, other remote areas are still using it and its because this Safaricom, Orange Modems( I hate them to love them to use) can not give good reception there..Even making moblie phone calls you have to be in a raised area or climb up a tree before calling your ngwashes..., say areas like Tsvao East National Park where i was yesterday setting up a dial up Internet connection. Apparently the K.W.S refused to give rights to Network providers to Install a Network Tower, Reason- It will interfere with nature. An Elephant may start to adopt Lions, while lions will start making babies with Impalas.Lol! Therefore when you go to this places make sure whoever wants to reach you tell them in advance you are in Kenya Afghanistan...By the way, its a nice cool, nature environment to escape to, clear your head, Enjoy Game drivers and get to see Wild Animals in close range and Plus the food, you don't wanna make you hungry.

iTkenya did his part but unfortunately the computer there didn't have a modem card, near Town areas lack this things and in M.S.A same stories, now i have to order in Nairobi and a process that could have taken 30 Min is gonna take 2 days..

Let me relax, switch off my Laptop and enjoy the Lions Roar behind my camp Tent...

Saturday, April 10, 2010


So hard to work with unsettled mind, this system doesn't want to accept any instruction and the server well, at least today it has behaved, and i was able to resurrected it myself this time. I learnt a new trick though, before solving any computer problem or rather any issue, just settle your mind.

Today, i wanna tell bloggers what i have just told myself never ever try to fix a computer problem with something bugging your head like personal stuffs or 'bosses making you mad, i know ....i know everbody knows that but well soldiers are taught how to fight, how to go to war but there is one thing they are never taught, how to watch one of there army friend die in butle, its so painful, and sometimes this causes them to loss the war

When you are overcome with grief, sadness..your mind going gaga and your eyes turn red, body shaking and you feel like you want to vomit..and then your booss gives you an urgent task, or you have to complet this python codes for next minute delivery and you are this tensed well, the only thing to do.

Just stop for a minute, get a glass of cold water, go to loo and say something silly to your work coligue and that makes them laugh, think of anything good or positive anything that you can control. Truth is, if you can not smile, then make someone smile, if you cannot luagh then just call your mum and tell her you love her, if you can not dance well just stare to the dance floor and knod your head, you feel the music, the beats..Yes its time now

Finish your work

Best of Luck

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not This 3 days

iTkenya has been busy, fixing printers all week and speeding up mac mini in printing. This can be done by edditing the energy saver menu found in the system preference, just go to option and set proccesor perfomance to Highest, restart the machine and vuala you are good to much detail

well go here

not this 3days?

Yeah my phone will be off not even can be found under the set-lite
I need to give a nice surprise treat to my loving gal, she has been thru alot and as she has remained good to me then i have no choice but to give her Best of me, US

Happy easter