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Monday, January 24, 2011

Pasha Communities

Hooray mmm something to smile about, last week i got an opportunity to appear on coast week, well brilliant, if you missed it go iTKenya.Hopefully if all goes well by end of this year, Nation/Standard newspaper and oh yes Times Magazine(hehehe), will feature iTkenya diaries and ideas. This will be a dream come true, while am at it. here comes PASHA COMMUNITIES.

 Kenya ICT Board and Family Bank have launched a Ksh 320 million loan facility to support the establishment of  Cyber Centres across the country calling them .Pasha Centres.

This Centres,to be developed in rural areas will be offering bureau and internet services for the public to get informed and improve there leaving standards.

The best part is you can own this Pasha Centre and run it to make money.All you need is an excellent Business Plan.Capital? well that's where Family Bank comes in and  with below simple steps you will be good to go.

Step-1 Complete the Pasha Loan application form (forms can be collected at any Family Bank branch, or downloaded from (click here to download the Pasha Loan application form)
Step-2: Download and complete a business plan on
Step-3: Present both the business plan and application form to the nearest Family Bank branch. (Click here to view Family Bank branches.)
Step-4: Wait to get feedback from either Family Bank or the Kenya ICT Board. 

Applicants have 30 days  from 24th January 2011 to submit their business plans

I wish you all the best people and please pass this around,

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Monday, January 17, 2011

What next for facebook

So Facebook has 600million users, brilliant, I want to know, what is Zuckerberg thinking, planning. What next for Facebook. It has become a powerhouse that holds information, be it personal or companies.

What is the boy of Facebook planning to do with all this information, the one who was voted 2010 Person of the year by time magazine and recently worse dressed celebrity?

By creating Facebook account adding friends and updating our profiles we give away all out details to the public, (the privacy thing, doesn’t work, they are workaround ways to suck information and hey do you trust Zuckerberg and his team) this everyone knows and we are still doing it. I believe the boy is smiling all day to the bank like every day. He is making money through advertisements and he will never stop.

Today iTkenya has discovered something different. Mr.  Zuckerberg has a something else major in his genius mind.

I can feel it in my gut, and it will be powerful, I am not talking about him wanting to rule the world, coming up with an operating system or a social operating system, maybe a Facebook search engine something more like Wikipedia, Bing and Google.

I am talking about shares.

His company has grown and is still growing, soon you will hear about Facebook shares, I hope it won’t be like our own safaricom and oh before I forgot I also what to know if Zuckerberg is on C.I.A pay cheque and also if he is on twitter…Damn he is!!

Good day people

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy belated new year

Happy belated new year folks! Been a while, feels like ages for me, I wonder what my readers think..Hmm iTkenya is here to stay, its getting bigger, better and maturely informative. This year you going to get pinched so that by the time you say "Ouch", you would been digitized and technorised.

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Enjoy your weekends, I wish you a great year and a smile on your face