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Thursday, June 2, 2011


As for me and my house, I know one thing, Technology rules. This is where we find free information that enters our minds and shape our future. I remember back in 90s when I was in primary school, I only new 9 Planets existed, now thanks to the present technology we have more than 10.  By 2020, I am sure we will have 30 Planets.

Knowledge truly is power, right now we are the Einstein of the future, and whatever we code down is building the future. There were a time people dreamt of flying, now we got aeroplanes and the next big thing is telepathy. Now we are talking about video conferencing, in 20 years to come, we will be talking about hologram. People were worried about leprosy back then, now its Aids, cancer and I tell you what, by 2030 the cure will be with us. And finally the time travel Machine, we may have seen it in movies and think that this is just a sci fiction, if you are a fun of James bond movies then you will notice that whatever you saw in there, the car turning into a boat..hmm? now it’s a reality. All this changes happening in the world, is a fight to have that technology to crack time, So that we can go back in world war  times to see what transpired. Go back in medieval times to experience crucifixion of Christ, and again travel to the future to see how robots are becoming tour guides, drivers and watchmen. Travel to the future and see humans living with Aliens and be able to make homes in the discovered new planets since humans population on earth is rapidly increasing.The idea is not just to have fun traveling back and forth, but actually come up with codes that will be able to help us in real-time happenings of the world.

My friend, don’t let your status quo diminish you, rise up and take part in the future, lets assemble as much knowledge  as we can, get hold of that itchy information that seems to eat your mind. I believe that, if I cannot be able to finalize my code and solve the equation this time, then I will complete my ideas and plant it to my son, who will code it to his son and finally the grandson with enough technology around him, will give birth to a Time travel machine.

I tell you, developing softwares or coding applications is what should be put as first priority, gigantic machines, super computers do not teleport people, but energy and code does. For energy, we got the Nuclear Energy. People think that this is mostly used to fuel wars, but I insist, this is the energy to use to teleport us and power that engine to the year 1960s and vroom 2050 pap!

With that, let me end this by saying that never hold back information especially tech ones, God created us as powerful beings beyond measure, so let’s do some coding, I want to have a chat with Abraham Lincoln.

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