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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Google Meeting

Today I got the chance to meet with Google technical group in Camara Mombasa and discussed all about Google. Kumbe this guyz get money through advertising, and from the meeting I found that every thing you search using there search engine is recoded, I mean Google database has every word u ever or search and what they do is record the search and hence use with clinets website to pull out results, now every click on client website, google gets paid, with the same idea there have build an application called google adsense, for you also to get paid.

Now here is how to make money, register with google adsense and creat an account, after a period of sometime like a week, them accepting your registration, u will be given a code to which you put it on your webpage..This adsense will contain some google adverts and every click one visits you will be earning sme free money to which by end of the month you get you cheque…sounds strange…just Google Adsense
Have a nice weekend

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