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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Yesternight I slept 2 pm after being glued to 24 season 8, loved the new C.T.U setup, peeps and yes them new software, couldn't believe Cloe took time to catch up. nway i realize the world is being watched at every minute and real time footage are uploaded to servers to which by clicks you can be found and yes be spied upon, sound old..sounds like, been said before..well this time is too deep from being watched, manipulated, controlled the next generation will be in total and hands of the Government system where by freedom of choice will be "free" but not free.. before you think of something the government would have think of it and put you in a situation where by u will be swallowed into it unknowingly or with no left option, hence controlled.

As we take advantage of being linked to the world we must also get prepared to face any resultant consequences, so while you update your face-book status, twitter or search something on the web, post information, well know it from today, WE ARE NOT ALONE, WE ARE BEING WATCHED

Little bit of advice, don't put what is extremely important on the web, servers are now robots, robots are programmed humans, you feel me

Enjoy your evening


Anonymous said...

hey dude.i feel you.keep the fire blazing.wish you luck in everything

Kanyanya Nato said...

Thanks my Anonymous