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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hi all..i have been down some past days but i am back on track now and planning to update regularly my blog. Truly it is not easy to update the sites like daily or every hour, you need to have topics, touch real issues and find a way to keep your readers glued on your blog. as much as I try to find loyal readers, daily life too has its plans and hey God too... so you just have to keep on going, i know one time when more word will be on the street about iTkenya then yeah...Enough said.

Dell have been on the news lately on some fault they had on their machines, apparently some students subjected the computers to some maths and the thing went dead..How can you give some instruction on computer( we are talking about dell) and then they go numb, can happen if there is a  hardware faultiness after long use, but well the machines had to be taken to the Dell company and some manufacturer faults were the dell company are on their toes.

so if you want to buy a dell machine or like you are going to do now, i suggest you put it on hold till this story is resolved.

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Happy birthday Veena, you are Love. wish you Enough.

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