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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Get rid of that Computer Junks with Camara

I know most people have accumilated electronic junks and are looking for ways to dispose off them and sometimes get stack.

Below is an  update i got that may help and i want to share with you and give you a chance to clean that dark locked room.

"Hi Everyone,

Allow me to introduce Camara Education who are in the process of
partnering with NEMA to deal with e-waste in the country. 10% of
Camara's work is to bring in hardware to assist in delivering
education to schools and it was very easy to collect Camara donated
computers which had become obsolete and ethically dispose them by
shipping some parts to our partners in South Africa and Singapore.
Having received some little capital from a Hardware manufacturer, we
are now collecting anything electronic which is dead, broken,
unusable/usable and even burnt.

We will be giving a small incentive/amount for big quantities and we
are not charging anything for companies who want to dispose there
equipment. We will also be destroying data on hard drives using 'US
DoD 5220.22M' standards for free and thereafter will be issuing a
certificate for companies which will be stamped by NEMA to acknowledge
there environmental responsibility by ethically disposing off
electronic waste.

We have acquired an 8000sqft facility in Mombasa for e-waste
processing and our processes and standards are very open to the public
for purposes of education and hopefully we will be certified to ISO
14001 in the next 12 months.

We are therefore open to business and partnerships to all stakeholders.

Kindly, contact me for any further information or if you have any
quantities for collection.

Kind Regards,"

Wilson Bandi.

He can be reached through .

Have a lucky Thursday 

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