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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kenya Interactive TV....

Yes..thats interact with your Television..Say stories, chat and vote YES or No to competitions on screen with you remote( you don't have to send that sms to KTN, NTV on their debate during prime time news), you are watching football, Papa Shirandula and you don't want to experience any commercial brake well, you disable this options on your TV and that Detol Kid wont pop again,,u enjoy the whole program without interruption, You want to go to the Loo and you don't want to miss a thing,your phone is ringing and you don't want to miss a Love Spell Scene well, put a Pause on the Live program, take that call as long as you want, go to the Loo..heck you can even take a trip Isiolo and come back some time later and press play to continue watching your program... Folks, that is what we call Interactive TV.

You have experience the power of Fiber Optic, now you are going to experience the power of TV. You thought PC and Laptop is Cool with internet in them. well here comes Interactive TV to Kenyans. Other countries and some peeps have it on their PVR or line of broadcast, but due to the introduction of Digital Tv in kenya these is the next big thing and everyone will enjoy it, interest you.. Put on your sit-belts and take a rid with me...

What is interactive tv?

Interactive TV (iTV) is any television with what is called a “return path”. Information flows not only from broadcaster to viewer( many people think this is so), but also back from viewer to broadcaster.

Advantage of Interactive tv?

Viewers take control on what to watch, what not to watch..i.e the Broadcast doesn't control you on what you want to watch, giving you a list of programs dates and time to watch, you the viewer will have power to view what you want and what you don't want. Get to record program, and Pause Live coverage.

Designers, Developers, Marketers,  it is now time to make money through coming up with various macmemende staffs, local programs, animations, and Talk Shows. This is so, because the space given to broadcastors is huge...take adventage, they will be wanting something for the viewers and yes,,,LOCAL CONTENT IS MUCH BEING RECOMMENDED..Before I forgot..Google coming up.( if anything interest google, i get intrested.)

Why now ?

So that the government, hospital, fire departments, police can  take up the analog space and use it for their comunication without interferences ( hackers like to tap on these communication lines). It is now because there is too much competition for the space and  yes for security reason( we don't want to let what happen in 2007/8 happen again)

Food For Thought

If interactive TV information flows from the viewer to the broadcaster, does it mean the viewer is getting spied upon?

Enjoy you weekend


vKenya said...

uko juu.wish u the best that life can offer

Kanyanya Nato said...

Thanks vKenya...Your encouragement makes me to go on and on..thanks...hata wewe uko juuu