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Friday, May 28, 2010

CrossLoop's 10 Millionth Session ...

iTkenya today is sharing CrossLoop information to those(like me) who have ventured into online business of solving I.T related problems and also to others whom want to provide this service remotely( sitting on their home/office computer and be able to connect to their client globally and get paid solving software related problems, be it Data recovery, Desktop support, training, software repair..e.t.c)
Lets explore..What is CrossLopp?
Is a software that you install in your computer and to your clients at different locations(  they can install it themselves by u sending them the crossloop software link). This will enable you to live take control of this machine when connected over internet at your work point and you get to work on the client machine remotley. It gives you the screen shot of the client  machine and you can use your keyboard, mouse, installed application, diagonis discs on your computer to solve the client issue.

Whats the best Part?
The best part is, you get paid doing it. As you register with CrossLoop Company( its free unless u want to be free registered and its working for me tho offline at the moment) you fill in forms and ways you want to be paid. 

The Challenge?
Internet here in Kenya is still expensive, hence working remotely especially solving issues that chew time over network( like server issues) with a client on WAN is costly. Good news is fiber optic entrance in Kenya, will reduce cost on this.The increase of internet speed will make remote solving of I.T Issues done faster hence increas of the service demand.

CrossLoop Promotion- Good offer read on
The company has reached its 10 million session target since it was launched and users( even u if u register now you can win) are being rewarded( a winner will be randomly picked) and win a trip to Montrey USA.
He/She will:
  • Round-trip Airfare to Monterey
  • Take a flight around Monterey with CrossLoop’s founder Tom Rolander
  • Two nights stay at the Monterey Plaza Hotel (located in Cannery Row)
  • Apple’s new iPad 
For More on the Promotion go here


I believe in working remotely, this saves time and energy that can be directed elsewhere,  reduction on traveling cost and the beauty in it is that you are able to reach different people at different location and help them without moving an inch from your office.. I seriously encourage kenyans to venture into this kind of stuffs and take advantage of fiber optic speeds and its already wide spread installation in Kenya. Remember Kenya is growing BIG, we should not remain behind and just cheer when M.J Safcom succeed with his moon dancing !!, he has found his Niche, where is yours? well... itkenya it.

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