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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Best Part..Reduce IT Cost in your organisation- Hiring an IT Man

It’s challenging to write especially with this light headache, but it’s been long. so i have to pen it down and give you the best medicine in IT cost cutting in terms of hiring IT Stuff, Here it is

· Get a qualified IT with a one year experience on the same field
· During the interview make sure u have IT Experts/Personnel to carry out most of the interview questions
· Once you narrowed to the one you need, sign them on a contract of like 3 years
· Take him/her to training to be able to meet the needs of the organization
· Acquire Macintosh computers instead of Windows based computer

iTkenya, whats the advantage?
The advantage is, 1 year IT person experience makes these person hungry for IT Experiences in-terms of software development, troubleshooting and installation. This is the best time to get this talent at its metamorphosis stage and turn him into you butterfly. Advantage? Easy to convince him to accept the salary package being given provided he knows what he is getting into will nature and explore his career and that’s when you need an IT Expert ( 5 + more years experience)to carry the interview. He will ask him/her factitious questions that will keep the interviewee in check hence in the end the organization gets a qualified person. After you get your IT Man, put him on contract, this bound him to you and that’s when you train him/her and own him/her. When you train him/her, you not only empower him with knowledge you are also meeting the organization needs by skilling these person to come up with effective results on areas being assigned.
Acquiring Mac or Linux pc is the best options in terms of cost cutting- they get less in virus infection, IT support on in it in-terms of hardware repair, software repair/installation is minimal…things like data corruption will be unheard of..the whole scenario may look expensive as a start, but in the long run you will have saved much on money that could have been spent on out sourcing IT to which is expensive and sometimes they never finish the job. Like I always say itkenyait, and the job gets done.


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