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Friday, May 7, 2010

Social Networks and IT Control

Young and Old, working and hustles, jobless corners and sweet mamas at home..all meet at one point, at the social network i.e face book or twitter.
Here is what everything goes down, from face book fungas to mpango wa don’t need to know big words to do a kalifonication on anyone you just need a pimped user name, and cocky states updates, the rest, just follow the lead and in no time you will get what you wanted or feared what you can’t get...if you are business man..well here it’s your chance, make pages and advertise on this networks, choose your products wisely and also keep in mind you targeted customers and use this advertising tool well....for Churches, well preach on Brother. Preach on sister, you never know while you are spreading the good news you have prevented someone who almost spread their legs to a stranger......for quote mongers well, come up with you own, but big thanks to you, you get to inspire people and give them hope..and lastly people who are in a committed Relationship, well don’t what’s so ever make judgment or a decision basing on face booking or twittering comments on your partners wall, remember anybody can say anything. So Trust and always be patient

What does iTkenya have to do with social networks?

Well, he is the one that blocks this social networks websites in school, at work area or by request by a parent.
Parents, Employers, teachers are complaining performance output on some particular students, workers, kids effectiveness drops after and during time spent on this social network, with being monitored or not, at a point it is realized time was wasted during the access of this, and we all know, time is money..On the other hands i have seen friends moods change suddenly into a bolo young state and get pissed off after reading a comment or an update while others get a monalisa smile after a sweet pokes, what follows is decrease in customer service, attitude change and poor work input and in the case of monalisa, addiction..Hence less or no input to given assignment and loss of creativity.

To block this social websites you can download available soft-wares like anitporn just by doing a quick search on Google but the effective one that i have tested and use to come to give it a 5 star is Cyberoam Router. IT Administrators, Pissed off Manages,, you can go for this one. This can be acquired from certified IT Shops in town, get IT Guyz/ISP to install it and configured it for you. There you can block unwanted sites or set timers for internet access in your office..I know hackers have done a well job trying to pass this futures but i tell you, with you as the administrators and doing a monitoring check up on reports you will know this and make a timely decision

And those that browse using their phones, well, hard to control this but i tell you once they get there idea what is happening around them, it will decrease unless they want to spend money buying credits

Enjoy your weekend

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