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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Computer/Laptop/ Smart phone... Data Security.....Do iT Yourself

Today i woke up feeling happy and repeatedly told myself.." i need to get a Range( not just a range, something powered by microcomputers, driven by remote and protected by Steel...i have worked so hard, smart and keeping it simple....what should stop me from getting one?"..nothing is going to but my pockets will, heck, i need to have a house( not just a house..something white house Bill Gates type with Richard Bronson island, combined) of my own, before i drive home from my company( not just a company, but a cooperate that helps the poor and succeeds my plans)....and for this, i got to work even harder, smarter..and keeping it simple. Plus..every decision and steps taken must be worked out with the love of my life, my Angel. Such a beauty, supportive Lady, i am glad to have her.

iTkenya is on personal computer safety today.

How safe is you data: in your home laptops, computers/ flash disk,. Smart phone.How safe is that well drafted business plan/proposal protected ?, those pictures, architectural designs/sketches and yes that coded software design in the making? Not forgetting money making ideas / Business formula saved on your smart phone. still wondering? well ask yourself, why did Obama's Phone and now David Cameron, has to be taken by the Government intelligent security personals and be redesigned with inclusion of high tech security features before giving them back.

Well here is DO IT YOU SELF and protect your information
  • To protect from computer/Laptop being stolen at your home office, buy computer/laptop locks that will physically safe guard this machines.
  • Always password protect your document on save
  • Always change your computer/document password within three months ( this one makes hacking tools unworkable as tracing the password becomes a hustle)
  • Remember there are windows password reset tools free on line that can override you log-in windows password so to be safe install Folder Lock to protect your important folders on flash disk and on machines.
  • Always have two log-in identities on your machines for all users and yours ,for purpose of privacy and data security. Make your user account private.
  • Buy an external hard drive (pocket size) that you can easily keep it on your safe, for data security reason and backup.
  • Remember to weekly unplug your computers off the internet, Local Area Network and do a virus scan on your computer.
  • For Smart phone users, well simply don't store formulas in there unless its obamarated. (remember the Sean Paul case,,where he lost his phone with composed lyrics in them ...).if you do..immediately transfer it to your secure laptop when you have access to it . Remember those network providers can access your phone just like that and yes..hackers are on the loose and blue tooth does the remote control trick and steals your phone information..keep it safe..itkenya it.

For more information

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Thank you.

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