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Monday, May 10, 2010

Magic of a Diagnostic Boot CD

At one time many of you have come across, a hard drive crash, Operating System corruption or systems failures. The scenarios is

You need to access your data to be able to back it up to a storage media be it a flash disk or external hard drive and the hard disk is unreadable hence computer cannot boot, you need to boot your PC and timely secure your data before system changes and the OS wont let you pass the booting screen.
You have a pain in the ass virus infection on your computer and you cannot install any anti-virus to remove the virus, even the best anti-virus( Kaspeskey, Norton/ Semantic, Avast) have failed because each time you launch the program something prevents it to install or scan the hard drive...and your only option is to format the computer or buy another hard drive and reinstall everything(it is a hustle and expensive to acquire all that programs and hard drives).

You may base on recovery software like GET NTFS/FAT tools or Power Data Recovery tool to restore data after a fresh installation but chances are getting that important file, document, mails, are fact some recovery comes out with a different file formats to which accessing them takes another long process and eats up on your time.

To professionally achieve the best results, use a Boot-able Recovery CD. Hp and compac companies have there own CD that they use to boot with a returned failed HP PC to monitor hardware and software failures on it. The CD will pin points the failed areas and hence they get fixed. the client if the machine was not on warranty will get a hefty charge upon fixing this, especially if it was a server Machine.

To reduce cost and time spent on this, IT Administrators get a Hirens Boot CD and make things happen.

Some of the Functions of the Hirens Boot CD
  • You can boot with the CD and get to view your desktop/ hard drive to copy that very important file to your external Backup
  • On this Boot CD, there are menu Options that will allow you to run a virus scan and removal on your machine and kill that pain in the ass virus.
  • This Boot CD can regenerate that crushed hard drive, fix bad sectors on it and make that Hard drive perfectly functional again.
  • Within menus, you can repair hard drive partitions, create new hard drive portions and many many other things.
  • You can backup computer drivers for latter use.

Quote of the day
The Strong Survive, the Wise Excel

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