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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to reduce IT Cost in your Company..Part 1

In the market today there is a thin line between cheap and expensive...Quality and fake IT gadgets/systems being sold out here and this has lead to companies/persons spending much in finding replacements or getting new equipments and in the end still getting frustrated from the performance of this things and its durability is sometimes questionable. Hiring IT Experts has also become expensive as they want to be paid highly, also, most of them have opted to start there own business because of the increase of the IT Demand in Kenya hence getting a trust qualified one becomes tricky..what if there is a way to by pass this? what if you are sure of what you are buying is what you want and original? what if you can spend little and output it with the best results.

iTkenya is going to give you a little secret, the example today i will use is a printer cartridge/ Tonner/ Ribbon.

HP Printers are in mass here in Kenya therefore automatically its ink replacement becomes in demand, i don’t understand why some hp laser jet printer goes for 8,000/- and its Genuine toner going for 6,000 to 7,000/-( if you are lucky getting a genuine one)..At this point i get people whispering “Riffling the toner saves the day". i see when you refill your toner, you make the printer use more energy in printing than it was designed to by the manufacture, hence in the long run, the printer will start to wear off and finally malfunction and that’s when you start to spend on repair and machine parts replacement. What most also people don’t know is that once a tonner has been used, refilling it to use it causes some ink spillage within the printer while printing resulting to spoiling printer parts and dirtying the printer, example of this is when you print a document and you see some lining on the output paper, continuous use of this spoils the printer.

To reduce cost on Printer/parts Replacement, printer service and repair, iTkenyait by;
Buy a genuine cartridge from known IT Certified Shops in town.
Never whatsoever use a refill ink toner/cartridge on a printer.
Always email, Avoid printing unnecessary, you are endangering the environment and also buying Rim Papers is costly.
If it’s a large organization that must print large number of documents ( L.P.Os, invoices, reports e.t.c) buy an Epson Dot-matrix printer( very cost effective there ribbon goes for 800/- and can print quit numbers of document before you replace it), only use HP Laser Jets printers for important reports and HP Photo printers for design work.
Centralize the printers in an area where there are easily accessible by all, this will make users keen on what they are printing and monitoring printer performance by IT Administrators can be easily achieved.

Tomorrow iTkenya will show you how to reduce cost on Hiring IT Experts, don’t miss

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